Find your way.

Your visitor’s experience is shaped by the ease of navigation.

Our TAKEFORM experts offer you a set of planning and design services that help customers understand your space and message. Their tools help you create an emotional connection with your guests so they feel at ease and can better relate to your brand.



Finishes. Furniture. Lighting. Art.
You've designed every aspect of your space to express who you are.
When visitors enter your facility, every element of your world should lead them to your brand.
Clearly. Brightly. Warmly. With Vivid signage, the experience is complete.


Harmony. Our ears hear it. Our eyes sense it.
With Fusion, every element works in harmony to capture the vibe of your space ,
including the new printed backers offering infinite combinations.


When chaos reigns, a counterbalance is in order. One way to respond is with simple, luminous interior design.
We conceived Lucid as the ideal complement to this scenario. A product as subtle as it is refined.
Discover it by watching the video below.


If all your walls do is hold up the ceiling, you're missing an opportunity to delight, direct, inform and surprise.
Introducing Moxie: A large format graphic panel system that puts your walls to really good use.

Click play below to experience the power of Space Branding.