Interstuhl/ From Tieringen, Germany.


Silver product design has been designed equally for community and privacy. This chairs, can be an integral part of or a perfectly matched addition to any location - and has just as much impact when standing alone.

A new mark every time.

Vintage is5/

Shapes that express conviction and functions that showcase the beliefs and zeitgeist.These designs live up to technological challenges and reinterpret complex systems sets standards.

Efficiency is apparent in innovation.


AirPad allows you to float gently in space, enhancing the minimalism of modern architecture. The body is kept at an ideal temperature thanks to its high breathability, preventing heat buildup.

Fill the day with so much lightness.


Hero is a collection of heroes. Heavy, light, big and small people. By and large, a universal talent for everyday heroes. It has invisible technology which is an integral feature of the chair.

Automatically aligned for everyone.


The intelligent multifunctional stool follows its owner through spontaneous conversations, workshops, meetings and brain storming sessions, keeping the user mobile and the agenda flexible.

Do powerful your routine



Versatility, good design and high comfort, available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. This is the leading concept from which EVERYIS1 has emerged.

The black or white backrest, with its clear line, is covered with a lightweight and breathable mesh that contributes to excellent ergonomic features. As an option, the comfort of EVERYis1 can be enhanced with a height adjustable lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, seat tilt and 2D or 4D armrest. EVERYIS1 adapts to the user without demanding customisation. EVERYIS1 is simple in the best sense. The tension of the backrest adjusts automatically to different body weights, thanks to its newly developed autolift synchronous mechanism. Hence, sitting is weightless.

Welcome to the world of flexibility for the office of tomorrow.

Dile/ From Valencia, Spain.

Executive Chairs/


Is a combination of quality materials that make perfectly neat edges to provide ergonomics and functionality. Durable, but comfortable.  Is the ideal collection to harmonize spaces, with the strength of steel and the lightness of the mesh.
Feelings prevail over form.


Inspired by the purity of the straight line, and armchair composed of high, low and cantilever, is the best option for setting serene and modern spaces. Is the  result of a substantial improvement in ergonomics endorsement.
Express technology through its unique construction materials.


A collection comprising high, low and guest chairs with a captivating strength that will leave nobody indifferent. Enveloping lines and outlines that enclose the strength of steel and the smoothness of its finishes.
The welcome to the future that was just around the corner.


Task Chairs - Office / 24 hours

Atika 24H/

Synchronised auto-weighing movement controls the tension for each user, with the possibility of locking with anti-shock, ergonomic arms in the 2D and 4D options. You have three options for the backrest: high-strength technical mesh, polyamide injection soft touch fabric, and foam filled.

 The impulse, renewal, and adaptation to the demands of new corporate environments.

4U Chair/

It is an exceptional chair with a unique design, and a range that speaks for itself.Contemporary, futuristic, provocative, and at the same time technologically pragmatic.

No two workspaces are equal.


Designed by Rafa Ortega with one objective: to obtain a light, ergonomic and multi-functional chair that can be adapted to the integration and functionality requirements of any project, using reusable materials that conserve our environment. Enjoy ATENEA with and without arms, stackable with 4 legs or a swivel base with castors, with writing pad and document rack.

Versatile, elegant and technical.


Designed by Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari, Splash is lightness, brightness, and straight lines for new times. An extremely comfortable innovative design based on the idea of clean lines, with a steel frame.

The entry into a new phase in the spaces in which it sits.


Designed by Jeremiah Ferrarese and Paolo Scagnellato. This is a chair that involves the use of a wide variety of components with high functionality and modularity, which cooperate in a technological and aesthetical manner, suitable for use in a modern environment.

Evolution of the traditional conference and waiting room chair.


Designed by Rafa Ortega. Comfortable, avant-garde and conceptually advanced, is suitable for large or small spaces, able to transform any environment into a comfortable space for working, meeting or daily life. Recyclable and designed with 2 materials, polycarbonate and aluminium

Fills any space of the office or home with light and colour. 


A guest chair of proprietary design with simple and well-defined lines that provides sobriety, simplicity and a touch of distinction. Solid in its wooden interior and cosy in its padded exterior,  also allows several chairs to be stacked.

Optimize the space according to the needs of the moment.


Multi Purpose Chair/


Designed by Rafa Ortega. Comprising chair, armchair and bench, to use for guest and waiting areas, and can be adapted to any environment you can imagine. The choice of upholstery and the structure in wood and steel provide elasticity and comfort, whilst its visual lightness and formal style grant it the elegance required by the user.

Where the shapes evoke gentle curves.


His design by Rafa Ortega is offered in different finishes: with or without upholstery, 4 legs, swivel or revolving base. The multitude of finishes and colours of TOP make it adaptable to all kinds of facilities. Its elastomer cover moulds to the user’s own shape, allowing the body to breath and providing total comfort.

Comfort and ergonomics are the starting point that define the final result.


Transparencies and opacities which integrate well in environments with a modern design. Polished aluminium to offer the best finish and guaranteed durability. This collection is available in different possibilities: flat base, chromed, with castors and 4 legs.

Light up your office with a collection of colourful chairs of original design.


A real classic with visual strength and timeless design. Dynamic and attractive, with its white and transparent finishes, allows you to create countless combinations, daring and modern. KUBIKA swivel, with gliders or base plate, you can choose, all made from chromed steel with high quality finishes and details.

A real classic with visual strength and timeless design. 




An office chair that does not renounce ergonomic features. Incorporates colour in its safe and reliable metallic base with rubber castors especially designed to protect surfaces. With permanent contact mechanism and back with adjustable height and depth, adapts with the greatest ease to the changes of size experienced by the younger members of the household.

A note of colour in our work or study area.

Status Design /  Private Label. 

New York/ Executive Chair

Amsterdam/ Executive Chair

Rome /  Operative Chair

London/  Operative Chair