New team, new perspectives.


USA Office Furniture understands the fluid needs of modern businesses. Office spaces are no longer just a physical place but rather a reflection of a company’s narrative. We want to help you create an environment that is productive and efficient, but also looks and feels like a home for your brand.

Our unique and distinctive furniture goes beyond the typical concept of what an office used to be. We are at the top of the industry, promoting exceptional workspaces for owners, employees and visitors alike, furnishing your areas with modern, stylish and sophisticated pieces available in a variety of collections and prices. 

And you can be part of it all. 

Through our planning and design services, you have the chance to sit down with our layout experts and create a look for your own project, encompassing every nook and corner by making your workspace an extension of your brand style.

Our house, our duty

  1. We understand the disruption created by new technologies and the new generation of workers.

  2. Throughout our journey in the office market, we have developed and delivered successful workspace solutions for businesses worldwide.

  3. As members of this community, our mission is to bring fresh thinking to the dynamic business landscape by integrating all elements of space and environment, with the guiding principles of integrity, responsiveness and accountability.

  4. We are committed to our values of ecology and social responsibility by working with Green Guard Certified products and contributing a portion of our proceeds to children’s health initiatives, among others .