USA Office Furniture is a group of seasoned professionals who acquired the company in 2014 with a new vision for what an office furniture dealer can be. Our teams are committed to help companies in South Florida improve performance and productivity by offering the best furniture products, accessories and services, and customized work environments that promote happy, healthy and productive employees.

Companies today have to maximize performance in every area of their operations, and one of the best ways to do so, is by improving the working environment for their employees. When the physical facilities are comfortable and ergonomic, people feel better about their work and are more productive.

Throughout our career we have developed and delivered solutions for businesses to be more successful. We Invested in USA Office Furniture with that same goal – to help companies be the best they can be. Our mission is to bring fresh thinking to the dynamic business landscape by integrating all elements of space and environment, with the guiding principles of integrity, respect, responsiveness and accountability.

We also believe that it is our obligation of every business to be socially responsible, by therefore to sourcing the latest and Green Guard Certified products, we contribute a portion of our proceeds to children’s health initiatives. We can't hide our excitement about the future as our organization brings this vision and mission to life every day by waiting to elevate the playing field of office furniture for the business community.