Using sound to cover up sound.

Your workspace should be safe and discreet so you can be free to do business your way.

Research shows that poor acoustics is the number one cause of workplace dissatisfaction and diminished employee performance.

When your office is noisy, tasks are harder to complete. Mistakes are made. Stress ensues. Exhaustion takes over and the work suffers. A BOMA (Building owners and managers Association) and the University of Maryland survey identified noise control as the greatest opportunity for capacity improvements.


A Sound Masking system eases this issue by distributing a comfortable, engineered background sound throughout your office. It works because the human ear can’t separate similar frequencies.

Think how serene it feels when your AC is on and even though you can hear some faint noise, you definitely cannot distinguish other people’s words. That is exactly how Sound Masking works to ensure you have the ideal auditory conditions and personal space to assure maximum performance.

No need to go hide in the hallway.

Your company’s ideas need to be protected.
If you are making important deals, you don’t want anyone eavesdropping
on your conversation with a prominent client.

Sound Masking achieves ultimate privacy and comfort of speech.
A consistent sound volume across your space will make it feel quieter
for you and everyone else around you.
That way you can give your business the intellectual safeguarding
it deserves while encouraging your employees to feel just as safe.