Lamps Desk

We offer an elegant line of LED lamps and lighting elements, thinking of the demanding consumer, with innovative products that establish high standards in the industry and, what is more important, make your life safer, simpler and greener.

Z-Bar / Z-Bar Mini

Contemporary styling for a flexible, streamlined design that contain LEDs and three simple bars.   With several sizes to choose from, there’s a Z-Bar for every need. 
Broke the mold for desk and floor lamp design.

Equo / Equo Floor

Supported by a pencil-thin body attached to a weighted base, the sleek and elegant desk lamp seems to defy gravity. This incredible collection provides a thin yet functional LED light source for any room.
The best of design, the most intelligent engineering.


Change the light colors from warm to cool and anything in between. The built-in occupancy sensor ensures that no energy is wasted when lighting an empty desk. It also comes standard with a USB port or optionally a wireless charging dock is available to recharge Qi compatible mobile devices.
With Mosso Pro, everything is possible.

Lady 7 Floor

Designed with a wispy-thin silhouette, provides a beautiful linear light source for your desk. Thanks to her cordless joint design and sleek, clean lines, is perfect in any setting.
Slim and Sexy. The ultimate minimalist.

Mr n

A revolutionary LED lamp that fits any decor, environment or style. This lamp has a unique, arch-shaped design with a seamless, illuminated surface that uses advanced light panel technology. Don’t see any buttons? The simple controls are located on the small strip on the bottom exterior of the lamp
Little lamp, big personality.

Tono Floor

Tono brings a whole new level of decorating to your room or office. Instead of providing standard white light, Tono offers a multitude of colors – including traditional white.  For those who crave the non-traditional, Tono is the lamp, and all of your moods.
Any color, any time.